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New engine oil for 2011 GM vehicles

dexos-logoFor 2011 and all future GM gas powered vehicles, a semi-synthetic engine oil will be required.  The name for this new oil classification is “DEXOS”.  You will start seeing this more and more, so we thought it would be good to post some useful information on our blog. The below article discusses benefits and features of the new semi-synthetic oil.   Enjoy!

The New GM dexos Engine Oil Specification

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For the 2011 model year, GM will introduce dexos1™ certified engine oil as a factory fill and service fill for many engines. The reason for the new engine oil specification is three-fold: meet environmental goals such as increasing fuel efficiency and reducing engine emissions, promote long engine life, and minimize the number of oil changes to help meet the goal of lowering the industry’s overall dependence on crude oil.

Dexos is a GM-developed engine oil specification that has been designed to:

· Further improve fuel economy (to meet future Corporate Average Fuel Economy, CAFE, requirements) and fuel economy retention, which allows the oil to maintain its fuel economy benefits throughout the life of the oil

· Provide a more robust formulation for added engine protection and aeration performance

· Support GM’s Engine Oil Life System (EOLS) and minimize use of engine oil

· Ensure worldwide availability of high quality oil for factory and service fill needs

· Reduce the duplication of requirements for a large number of internal GM engine oil specifications

TIP: The oil specified in prior model years remains acceptable for previous models; however, dexos1 is backward compatible for older vehicles.

If dexos1 is not available, acceptable substitute engine oil for 2011 models includes:

· SAE-5W-30 viscosity grade oil displaying the API Starburst symbol for all 2011 model year vehicles with naturally-aspirated engines, except Corvette, Camaro SS (with LS3 engine) and CTS-V

· SAE 5W-30 viscosity grade oil meeting the GM4718M specification (such as Mobil 1 Full Synthetic) for 2011 model year Corvette, Camaro SS (with LS3) engine, CTS-V and vehicles with turbocharged engines

Here’s a sample of the dexos specification from a 2011 GM owner manual:


Use and ask for engine oils with the dexos™ certification mark. Oils meeting the requirements of your vehicle should have the dexos™ certification mark on the container. This certification mark indicates that the oil has been approved to the dexos™ specification.

Notice: Use only engine oil that is approved to the dexos™ specification or an equivalent engine oil of the appropriate viscosity grade. Engine oils approved to the dexos™ specification will show the dexos™ symbol on the container. Failure to use the recommended engine oil or equivalent can result in engine damage not covered by the vehicle warranty. If you are unsure whether your oil is approved to the dexos™ specification, ask your service provider.

Use of Substitute Engine Oils if dexos™ is unavailable: In the event that dexos™ approved engine oil is not available at an oil change or for maintaining proper oil level, you may use substitute engine oil displaying the API Starburst symbol and of SAE 5W-30 viscosity grade. Use of oils that do not meet the dexos™ specification, however, may result in reduced performance under certain circumstances.

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